Description Price
1.   500 Hz/ 6dB Filter - Required for Some E-Mail Services, (9MHz IF) M700pro, M710, M710R, IC-R75
Item No. FL-100
2.   AC Adapter - 220V GM1500
Item No. BM-95E
3.   Antenna Match Box - Dipole M700pro, M710, M710R, M802
Item No. MN-100
Item No. OPC-1147n
5.   Charger Adaptor Cup M88
Item No. AD-100
6.   Cigarette Lighter Adapter Charger w/Noise Filter 12V Cable, M32, M2A, M1V, M88, IC-A3, GM 1600, M90, M34, M72
Item No. CP-17L
7.   Cigarette Lighter Cable - Requires AD 43 or BM-95 GM1500
Item No. CP-1
8.   Cigarette Lighter Cable 12V, 4088A, IC-R3, IC-R5
Item No. CP-18A
9.   Compact Remote External Speaker - 5 Watt, 4 Ohm NOT WATERPROOF M302, M304, M402S, M402, M422, M502, M504, F1020M, IC-A5, IC-A110 04, IC-110 04B,
Item No. SP-10
10.   External Speaker ( Black only) NOT WATERPROOF M302, M304, M402S, M422, M402, M502, M504
Item No. SP-24
11.   Flush Mount Kit Stainless Steel M502, M602, M802, M504, M604
Item No. MB-75
12.   Level Converter M700pro, M710, M710R, IC-R10, IC-R20, IC-R75
Item No. CT-17
13.   Mounting Bracket M302 (Gray)
Item No. M302 MMB
14.   Speaker Microphone with alligator Clip ( WATERPROOF) , M72
Item No. HM-167
15.   Standard Microphone - Black M502, M504, M604
Item No. HM-126
All prices in US Dollars

IC-M802 01 Icom Marine Radio All new digital SSB with remote control head.
On SALE: $1,899.99
Accessories for M802
IC-AT140 Icom SSB Marine Radio HF Automatic Antenna Tuner for M802
On SALE: $521.00

On SALE: $199.99

1650 mAh Ni-MH 7.2V battery, IC-A6 21, F11, F21, F3G, F4G, F30G *** special sale price while supplies last ***
On SALE: $35.00
IC-GM1600 Survival Craft 2-Way VHF Radio (must ship ground - contains Lithium battery)
On SALE: $699.00
Must ship GROUND - Contains Lithium battery
ICOM MXA-5000 Dual Channel AIS RECEIVER **
On SALE: $299.99
ICOM MXA-5000 AIS RECEIVER Advanced Collision Avoidance With Real-time Vessel Traffic Information
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Icom is a registered trademark of Icom, Inc. is not owned by, affiliated or associated with Icom America, Inc. or Icom, Inc. Japan.