Handheld VHF Marine

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1.   110V AC Power Supply for BC-121, multi-charger, M32, M2A, M1V, M88, GM1500, GM 1600, 4088A, IC-A3, IC-A5, IC-A6, M90, M34, M72
Item No. BC-157 02
2.   220v Desktop Rapid Charger (BC-123A , or BC-145 included)(ad-87/88 Adapter cup required, AD-100, or AD-114 req'd) IC-A4, IC-A4 , IC-A5, IC-A6, M32,
Item No. BC119N 02
3.   7.4 V/980 mAh Li-ion Battery
Item No. BP-252
4.   Alkaline Battery Case (5-AAA Batteries required)
Item No. BP-251
5.   Alligator Clip , M34 01
Item No. MB-109
6.   Antenna- Flexible M34, M36, M24
Item No. FASC58V
7.   Cigarette Lighter Adapter Charger w/Noise Filter 12V Cable, M32, M2A, M1V, M88, IC-A3, GM 1600, M90, M34, M72
Item No. CP-17L
8.   DC Power Cable for BC-150, or BC-119N, BC-173 or BC-158, M32, M1V, M88, IC-A3, GM 1600, M90, M34, M72, M24
Item No. OPC515L
9.   Desktop Rapid Charger for M90, M34
Item No. BC-162 01
10.   Drop-in "Smart" Charger (BC-174 req'd), M34
Item No. BC-173 01
11.   Leather Carrying Case With Clip
Item No. LCF30G CLIP
12.   Nylon Carrying Case with Clip
Item No. NCF30G Clip
13.   Nylon Carrying Case with Loop
Item No. NCF30G Loop
14.   Nylon Carrying Case with a clip, IC-A4 02LM, IC-A4 01
Item No. NC-F3 CLIP
15.   Nylon Chest Pack, IC-A4 02LM, IC-A4 01, M32, IC-M1V 01, GM 1600, M2A, M34
Item No. NCP1
16.   Speaker Microphone with alligator Clip ( WATERPROOF) , M34
Item No. HM-165
All prices in US Dollars

IC-M802 01 Icom Marine Radio All new digital SSB with remote control head.
On SALE: $1,899.99
Accessories for M802
IC-AT140 Icom SSB Marine Radio HF Automatic Antenna Tuner for M802
On SALE: $521.00

On SALE: $199.99

1650 mAh Ni-MH 7.2V battery, IC-A6 21, F11, F21, F3G, F4G, F30G *** special sale price while supplies last ***
On SALE: $35.00
IC-GM1600 Survival Craft 2-Way VHF Radio (must ship ground - contains Lithium battery)
On SALE: $699.00
Must ship GROUND - Contains Lithium battery
ICOM MXA-5000 Dual Channel AIS RECEIVER **
On SALE: $299.99
ICOM MXA-5000 AIS RECEIVER Advanced Collision Avoidance With Real-time Vessel Traffic Information
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